August 13, 2018
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One day ago, President Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was destroyed by an unhinged liberal with a pickaxe. Now, further details surrounding the disturbing incident have surfaced. It’s even worse than we thought.

On Wednesday, 24-year-old Austin Clay walked up to President Donald Trump’s Hollywood star with a guitar case, pulled out a pickaxe, and hammered away. He then called the police himself but left the scene before they arrived. Hours later, he turned himself in.

Austin Clay, 24, turned himself in on Wednesday, hours after he took a pickaxe to Donald Trump’s star. Video showed Clay hammering away at the star with the tool around 3am Pacific time. He was carrying the pickaxe in a guitar case, according to reports.

Photos showed Trump’s star completely destroyed and unrecognizable with debris scattered across the sidewalk. Clay left his pickaxe at the scene before fleeing, but later called the Los Angeles Police Department and confessed to being the culprit who smashed the name plate plaque to smithereens. [Source: Daily Mail]

Clay’s girlfriend told CBS Los Angeles that she had no idea he was going to destroy the Trump’s star but said he has a major issue with the president. The outlet also reported that video footage of the incident showed Clay’s girlfriend dancing and twerking over the star after he vandalized it.
More details have emerged in the aftermath of the ordeal, and they’re certainly enough to make you roll your eyes. According to The Daily Wire, Clay is now set to be bailed out of jail by a guy who was arrested in 2016 for destroying the same star. The guy’s even going out of his way to pick Clay up.

The OG Donald Trump Walk of Fame Star vandal is coming to the rescue of the latest guy to take a pickax to Trump’s star … by bailing him out of jail.

You might recall, James Otis attacked Trump’s star in 2016 — also with a pickax — and we’ve learned he’s now stepping up to pay the $20k bail for Austin Clay … the 24-year-old who went off on Trump’s star early Wednesday morning.

We’re told Otis isn’t just writing a check either — he also plans to meet Clay in person as soon as he’s released. We’re guessing he might want to discuss technique, ’cause Clay’s was way more destructive effective.

James, who is the Otis elevator heir, avoided hard time after pleading no contest. Instead, he got 3 years probation, 20 days of community service and had to pay $4,400 to replace the damaged star. [Source: TMZ]

Meanwhile, Trump’s star has already been replaced and is currently under a piece of plywood so that it can dry, meaning neither Clay nor Otis accomplished anything other than to set themselves back financially quite a bit. I guess no one’s ever accused a liberal of being particularly intelligent, and this is why.

You don’t have to like the president. God knows many of us couldn’t stand Barack Obama during the eight years he was in office. However, as an American, it is treasonous to root for the failure of our Commander-in-Chief. If you hate Donald Trump so much that you do not want him to succeed, you should leave this country, because a failure of the president is a failure for America.

Luckily, Donald Trump isn’t failing. While misguided liberals are vandalizing his Hollywood star, he’s boosting the economy, lowering unemployment, and alleviating our trade deficit. He’s winning, and likewise, so is America. It’s high time for the left to get on board.