August 13, 2018
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An Australian man who was remaining in the room beside the shooter in the Mandalay Bay has affirmed he saw numerous shooters engaged with the Las Vegas assault.

“There were numerous individuals dead and various shooters. I was simply concealing sitting tight for police to come get us. I got outside securely and was stowing away in shrubberies,” Brian Hodge disclosed to Australia’s Courier-Mail.

Mr. Hodge, who was remaining in room 32134, nearby to Stephen Paddock in room 32135, additionally gave critical data when he uncovered that a security protect was slaughtered by police.

“My floor is a wrongdoing scene. They murdered a security watch on my floor.”

Who was the “security monitor” who was slaughtered by police?

Wendy Miller from Cooroy, on the Sunshine Coast – another Australian got up to speed in the Las Vegas shooting – may have given a missing bit of the bewilder. Likewise addressing the Courier-Mail, Ms Miller said she was at a bar in the adjacent Luxor Hotel with her significant other when she saw what she depicted as a “man of intrigue” keep running by.

Ms Miller said the man dashed through her lodging subsequent to falling off an elevator from the Mandalay Bay.

“The man that they [security] were pursuing was wearing a security coat like them,” she said.

Mr Hodge’s observer report of different shooters and a dead security protect, and with Ms Miller’s report of a security monitor being pursued by experts, propose that the predominant press account of the “solitary wolf” shooter isn’t reality.

The truth of the matter is this was an arranged, co-ordinated assault by numerous schemers, and the predominant press are endeavoring to cover it up.

Video film affirms different shooters

Two unstable recordings gave to Your News Wire have additionally affirmed there were numerous shooters associated with a co-ordinated assault, and the prevailing press of a “solitary wolf” shooter working without a thought process is a lie.

The two recordings demonstrate gunfire beginning from the fourth floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, much lower than the 32nd story, where the predominant press is guaranteeing Stephen Paddock, a “solitary wolf”, shot on the group utilizing a programmed weapon.

The prevailing press account with respect to Paddock’s thought processes have additionally been exposed by FBI sources who purportedly guaranteed the shooter has connections to Antifa and ISIS. Yet, prevailing press is currently concealing the data, asserting Paddock had “no political or religious affiliations or interests.”

The truth of the matter is the Las Vegas shooting was unmistakably a co-ordinated false banner assault, coordinated by Paddock and additionally no less than one different up ’til now unidentified shooter working from the fourth floor of the lodging. The mass shooting and scores of dead will be utilized by the tip top to additionally push their accursed plan.

Anyone who investigates the data accessible to them on the web will touch base at a similar conclusion. Shockingly anyone who depends on predominant press for their data will be forcibly fed an altogether different conclusion.

The inquiries must be asked: why is the predominant press covering for a mass killer? Why are they endeavoring to modify his past and eradicate his political affiliations?

The appropriate responses are straightforward. The corporate media, controlled by a little, tip top theocracy, is working in the interest of the New World Order, endeavoring to delude the general population into trusting their adversaries are their companions, and their companions are their foes.

It sometimes falls short for the predominant press’ motivation to have an Antifa part in charge of the most exceedingly awful mass shooting in American history. They are effectively occupied with concealing this reality up so they can keep pushing the New World Order’s wiped out and bent motivation.

Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas shooter, was an Antifa part who did the most noticeably awful mass shooting in American history with a specific end goal to make encourage division in American culture, push the nation towards common war, and further the motivation of the elites.

Official Antifa facebook page, Antifa Melbourne, praised Stephen Paddock after the bloodiest mass shooting in America’s history, before erasing the post after a downpour of feedback.


There is a functioning effort to sow division and make disarray in the United States. Sorted out gatherings are taking a shot at benefit of worldwide associations with the most terrible of objectives. We have to wake up and quit thinking everything nourished to us by the predominant press. They have demonstrated themselves totally temperamental.

We have to prevent escaping reality.