August 13, 2018
  • 9:37 am ABC Considers Firing Whoopi Goldberg For Spitting In Jeanine Pirro’s Face
  • 9:01 am Pelosi Implies Trump’s A Racist, Says He Wants To ‘Make America White Again’
  • 2:58 pm NFL Refuses To Ban Kneeling, But Here’s Everything They’re Banning Instead
  • 8:45 am Ocasio-Cortez Slanders Shapiro After Debate Offer. His Response Flattens Her.
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ABC’s “The View” is undergoing a massive shake-up in the wake of the recent dust-up between Whoopi Goldberg and Judge Jeanne Pirro. ABC executives are convinced “The View’s” only chance at survival is to change the dynamics of the talk show, and Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar are freaking out. Meghan McCain and a popular “Fox & Friends” host have been given the green light by ABC, causing Whoopi and Joy to beg them to call it off.

ABC’s The View’s ratings were in the dumpster until former Fox News host Meghan McCain joined the team. McCain was wary to join the shrews of “The View,” knowing she’d be the lone voice representing a right-leaning political view.

The Washington Times reported back in February 2018, “‘The View’ — ABC’s daytime talk show geared toward women — is enjoying a resurgence in its ratings, thanks in part to a new executive producer focusing on politics in the Trump era and to the lone conservative voice [Meghan McCain] among its bevy of liberal co-hosts.”

McCain’s aggressive style of challenging Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar have led to viral social media posts by conservatives, giving the ABC talk show a resurgence in ratings.

“They assume a 33-year-old woman who works in television and lives in New York City [is pro-choice],” Ms. McCain said. “I’m not scared to talk about it. … I have serious problems with many, many ways it’s talked about on television. I like presenting [that perspective] to an audience.”

Ratings are everything in television, and The View’s producers are ready to give McCain an ally at the table, which is unprecedented. The ABC talk show has only ever had one lone right-leaning voice as a co-host. In the lead position is Abby Huntsman, the weekend Fox & Friends co-host who is the daughter of Jon Huntsman, President Donald Trump’s Ambassador to Russia.

HuffPost reports, “Abby Huntsman, a co-host of the popular Fox News program ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ and a former ‘HuffPost Live’ host, is in talks with ABC to join their daytime show ‘The View,’ four sources familiar with the negotiations tell HuffPost.

They add, “If a deal is agreed upon, Huntsman would replace Sara Haines, a former ABC News correspondent, who recently announced that she is joining “Good Morning America” host Michael Strahan in co-hosting a third hour of ‘GMA’ starting in September.”

Well, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar are freaking out behind the scenes. They know ABC is setting them up for disaster with McCain and Huntsman as a tag team to shut them down. They are begging network executives to hire “Never Trumper” Ana Navarro.

Trump haters across the country are melting down who see Huntsman as the tipping point. “Let me make one thing clear @TheView as a long time viewer and superfan, having Abby Huntsman replace Sara [Haines] would be a DISASTER! She is a bigger Trump lover than Meghan &!I refuse to have this show become a screaming match every day with crazy MAGA ppl as cohosts #TheView,” tweeted Twitter user “Matty.”

Deadline reports, “Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Abby Huntsman immediately took the lead in the replacement name game, among sources with knowledge of the thinking at ABC News, which is said to be seeking a second conservative host to keep Meghan McCain company. Ana Navarro’s name also came up a lot.”

Navarro is a loathsome creature who wears her rabid Trump hatred as a badge of honor. Two weeks before the 2016 presidential election, Navarro said, “It drives me crazy that my Party nominated the only person who could lose to Hillary Clinton.”

She’s been a trainwreck on CNN, bashing Trump, and she loved Michelle Wolf’s horrendous attack on Sarah Sanders. “Michelle Wolf deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for her performance at the White House Correspondents Dinner,” said Navarro as she chuckled on CNN.

So, Ana Navarro may be a registered Republican, but she is no conservative. She really is a hardcore neo-con elitist with a dirty mouth. Abby Huntsman wasn’t always a Trump supporter, but neither was Meghan McCain. Yet there is no contest between Navarro and Huntsman. Navarro is as rancid as Whoopi and Joy, and that’s why they are pleading her case with ABC.

Reports from insiders at ABC say Huntsman is the choice, which would be a huge sea change at “The View.” Bringing Abby Huntsman on board is just another sign Trump supporters are winning. Every time Meghan McCain destroyed Goldberg or Behar, ABC saw a spike in ratings.

Whoopi and Joy should be nervous. It looks like their new role will be getting their clocks cleaned by McCain and Huntsman because that is what Americans want to see most.